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The Grow Young Program is a powerful and life-changing 8 module online journey where you get an inside track on the key principles and science of healthy aging plus the motivation, knowledge and key tips on how to begin implementing these game-changing strategies in your life right now.

How to start growing younger today!

This is, of course, as I (and the many, many researchers whose work I’ve assembled here) see them. As you’ll get to see if you join me, this view is supported by cutting-edge research from fields as diverse as cognitive science, evolutionary psychology, exercise and nutrition science and epidemiology alongside many, many others. Together we will dive into all of this, and look, if you have struggled to get to grips with science … don’t get put off. I make sure all that jargony research is translated from it’s native science-ese into easy to understand English. The program consists of self-guided material and practices which you will be able to access once you’ve joined me. Once released, you’ll simply click the program icon below and then be guided through the payment process. Scroll down for more details on the upcoming program.

The Grow Young Program

As I’ve mentioned above the program is still in development. I’m anticipating having the program up and running in mid-2020. If you’d like to get going earlier then you can always join me in my online Mindfulness 8-week series which can be accessed via my coaching site. For that program please just click here. Otherwise you can always work personally with me as a coach. For any of these please simply contact me here or via my coaching site.

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  • the downhill run

    This is the program overview and set up for all the good stuff that’s to come. We take a little time to lay the foundations and take a look at the terrain!

  • the gas in the tank

    All things food and nutrition are in here. Can’t escape it – your fuel is always going make a difference. I’ll show you what makes the most impact.

  • time weights for no-one

    Yes we gotta do some exercise as well. This where we get to move & shake that booty but we do so in ways that are both smart & highly effective.

  • once more with feeling

    In this module we cover how to be emotionally & psychologically awesome and & discover why that is important if you wish to live a long & happy life. It matters!

  • mind how you go

    We delve into the neuroscience and practices which show how & why we need to work skillfully with our minds in order to Grow Young. And this includes the incredible science of belief & mindfulness.

  • people … who needs ’em?

    We do, if we want to live long. In these month we cover topics such as: how to hack your relationships, defeat loneliness, build community and live longer & happier as a result.

  • mirror mirror

    All the outside in stuff comes here so areas such as cosmetic procedures etc. And yes, it clearly looking great is also an important area, but let’s discover what actually works & what doesn’t!

  • the big easy

    Ah … retirement! Here’s how to live those second & third acts in ways that can sginificantly upgrade your health, wealth & happiness plus put a healthy squirt of meaning & purpose in your tank.

If you really want to upgrade your skill and outcomes then all this amazing material can be further supplemented by one-on-one coaching with me, Rod Francis.

This program is still in development but is going to be an extraordinary journey to greater health, happiness and yes … to growing younger!

Stay tuned and join my community or register interest in the program by entering in your details in the fields at the bottom of the home page.