the book – grow young

yes … it is on its way!


Ah yes … the

Well the good news is that the first draft is now complete and so begins episode two – the rewrites. Or as I call it: even more ways to keep yourself awake at night.

I’m once again foot to the floor after a diversion to work with a leading health and wellness company to help get their program up and running. Now that has been bedded in I’m back to this here again with pencils sharpened and a keen mind to get this book in the can.

Hopefully by now you get that I truly love diving into these areas of aging, science & what actually works. Why?

Well I started writing Grow Young simply because when I initially became interested in the subject – you know, how to live a long, happy & healthy life and not look ancient if I don’t need to! What I read out there was often pretty good, though somehow to me there was always something more to be said. They seemed incomplete.

And then the others? Well, frankly mostly they were just a little too flakey. Sorry. No other way to say it.

Being a curious SOB, after a little while I found myself thinking along the lines of ‘Well if it’s not out there then why the heck don’t I write it myself?’ And so began my journey into both finding what really works to comprise a 360° program of wellbeing and healthy aging, and to getting that down in a way that is both easy and engaging to read.

If you want to get an idea of what to expect, then in the blogs and podcasts you’ll encounter plenty of what will also be inside the book alongside some fascinating commentary and interviews with an ever-growing panel of experts.

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