professor aaron seitz on brain training to grow younger

Neuroscientist Professor Aaron Seitz of University of California Riverside discusses his unique multifaceted approach to helping us change our brains and bring lasting improvement to problematic areas such as sight, memory  and hearing loss – each of which will sure as eggs become an issue for all of us at some point on our way from start to finish in the human race. Oh and just remember – first one to the end is not the winner!

Aaron & his team do so by designing empirically-proven,  transformative brain games and two (UltimEyes® & Recall) are already currently available (click the links below the interview) plus some fascinating new programs in the pipeline which you’ll hear about in the interview. I’ve been using UltimEyes® myself now over the past year and I’m pretty clear on the visual gains I’ve personally experienced over that time. Oh and just for the record – there’s no paid endorsements or kickbacks here.  I approached Aaron simply because I know this works and he has shown it does. Well that and the fact that I simply love his commitment to his work and to making the world a better place for us all.

There’ll be more to come on Professor Seitz’ work and this fascinating yet vitally important and emerging area of neuroplasticity and health in another upcoming post as well as in the book. But before you move on I’d also like to request you consider clicking through on this link where you can personally become a science angel & help fund the centers latest project: developing a program to help those with hearing loss regain that vital sense. Even the smallest donation can & will help.                                                              www.ultimeyesvision.comultimeyes

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