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What is coaching, why would I do it & how can it help me Grow Young ?

‘Coaching is a transformative partnership which supports the move from who you are to being the most awesome version of yourself you can be.’


So firstly let’s note that coaching is an partnership. Coaches don’t have all your answers but what we do have is some really good questions that help you discover your answers. I’m not the expert in you – you are!

This isn’t to say that I don’t have a ton of knowledge, hacks and skills which will all be of enormous value. That I do have in bucketloads and we get to them. But all that knowledge is useless if we can’t translate it into action and that’s what great coaching does.

That’s why we call it a transformative  partnership, which unequivocably points to the fact that there is change, growth and development as an end result. Frankly that’s what this partnership is all about – us working together with the mutual goal of you growing and changing over time. Of Growing Younger and becoming the awesome specimen you absolutely know you can be, and living the long, happy and fulfilled life you and I know you are truly capable of.

With Grow Young coaching I tend to lean into the knowledge a little more than I do in my regular coaching practice. There’s a lot to know, a lot of cutting-edge science that is ever-growing and evolving and we want to be at that coal-face but also to know how to put it into action. Knowledge without action is procrastination.

Personally I prefer this formula:

knowledge + action + accountability = change


And that change can mean the difference between Growing Younger or simply hangin’ out in God’s waiting room. Your choice!

Just for the record: I’ve been coaching & mentoring for the best part of two decades now. I’m International Coach Federation credentialed, with three certified professional coach trainings under my belt, a qualified mindfulness teacher with the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School and am also the co-creator and faculty head of a leading ICF-accredited health and nutrition coach training in the US. So yes, I do know how to coach and I am a professional! Go to my coaching site to find out more about me.

Grow Young Coaching offers you a unique opportunity to be guided and personally coached through all the pillars of the Grow Young program by me, Rod Francis.


The one-on-one coaching will be supplemented with pre-launch access to elements of the online program material, and includes us designing together your own personal learning and development plan aimed towards your Growing Younger, happier and more fulfilled.

What you receive by joining my coaching program is:

  • access to online study material including current research translated in easy to understand language – what actually works and why.
  • a personal and transformative coaching  journey with me as your ally
  • mentoring to help you build, develop and grow while we work through the seven pillars of Growing Young
  • heavily discounted rates to my online programs

If you’d like to know more about what coaching with me entails and how it can change your life, then contact me directly using the form on the contact page – or you can also head directly to my coaching site by clicking here below.

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