chris crowley bringing wisdom from the front line

This week I’m absolutely delighted to bring you guys someone who has been the direct inspiration for my own journey of self discovery that has since developed into this here Grow Young Project. Four years ago I was given a book called Younger Next Year. Once I picked it up the damn thing simply wouldn’t let me put it down until I turned that very last fascinating page. Its intoxicating combination of being thought provoking, informative, butt kicking and downright funny was what shook up my level of engagement with the seemingly inevitable age related downward slide I feared was a’comin’. And at the same time it was the boot that kicked off my own exploration into the wonderful world of what actually works and more importantly what we can do to help create a long healthy and happy life.

Chris Crowley was co-author of said giggle-fest alongside the noted (and now sadly late) MD Dr Henry Lodge, and today he’s joining us to offer more of his unique no-nonsense approach to healthy aging and living the dream. Chris has since coauthored Younger Next Year for Women, Slimmer Next Year and you can hear more on his newest baby: Fitter Next Year. You can click through the images for some of these below.

This is a unique opportunity to hear Chris in person lay out how it all came about and even more importantly … how it’s working out from that front line from a man who knows and, more importantly, knows what to do about it.

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