why meaning matters

Walt Whitman   I was at a friends party last night. Lots of fascinating new people to meet. And amongst all the chit chat when that inevitable ice breaker of ‘So what do you do?’ arrived and I (hand-on-heart somewhat reluctantly) volunteered that I work in the domains of Positive Psychology and human potential, what I ever find interesting are … Read More

thinking yourself younger: the uncanny power of belief

In the fall of 1981 a young Harvard researcher conducted a radical experiment, one which has since become something a landmark in the domain of the extraordinary and transformative power of mind over matter. Ellen J Langer (these days Professor Langer) took a bunch of somewhat decrepit elderly men from a local nursing home and placed them in a New … Read More

mindful living: a template for engaged conscious aging

  What I truly love about this quote is not only its clear grasp of reality but for me it’s also who it comes from that gives it some real clout. Go on … have a guess. Ok, fair enough I know, really it could be almost anybody, but how about if it’s no less than Hollywood’s favourite ditzy-yet-brilliant go-to … Read More