dr chuck meakin md on cancer prevention, management & survival

Todays podcast guest is someone I both much admire and whom I’m delighted to be able call both an esteemed colleague and a friend. Dr Chuck Meakin is a Stanford educated Oncologist who is a researcher, clinician and Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at the CaroMont Cancer Center in Gastonia, North Carolina. Alongside being brilliant at what he does and … Read More

prof dale bredesen md: on reversing cognitive decline

Today I am truly delighted to be bringing you my current research hero. Dale Bredesen MD is an internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He is founding president and former CEO of the world renowned Buck Institute for Aging as well as Augustus Rose Professor of Neurology he is Director of Neurodegenerative Disease Research … Read More

chris crowley bringing wisdom from the front line

This week I’m absolutely delighted to bring you guys someone who has been the direct inspiration for my own journey of self discovery that has since developed into this here Grow Young Project. Four years ago I was given a book called Younger Next Year. Once I picked it up the damn thing simply wouldn’t let me put it down … Read More

s jay olshansky on aging, health & the science of longevity

This weeks podcast special guest is not only one of the planets leading researchers into aging and longevity but also a very funny, warm and highly engaging guy – a certain Mr  S Jay Olshansky PhD. Jay is (among many other things) a professor of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago and if you haven’t heard of … Read More

professor john wass on hormones, aging & health

This week we bring you yet another fascinating podcast with leading endocrinologist Professor John Wass of Oxford University who offers us all some much needed clarity on the confusing area of hormones and healthy aging. I’ve posted a fair bit already on this area and it seems to be one with which many of us struggle to find clear and … Read More

professor aaron seitz on brain training to grow younger

Neuroscientist Professor Aaron Seitz of University of California Riverside discusses his unique multifaceted approach to helping us change our brains and bring lasting improvement to problematic areas such as sight, memory  and hearing loss – each of which will sure as eggs become an issue for all of us at some point on our way from start to finish in … Read More

sandorkraut on wild fermentation

The weeks audiocast is the wonderfully named Sandor Ellix Katz AKA Sandorkraut who is a self described fermentation revivalist. I interviewed Sandor on a recent sojourn in the Deep South where he resides and he lays out a very clear message for all of us why the lost art of fermentation is one we all need to re-engage with in … Read More

arlene weintraub on the antiaging industry

In this succinct but fascinating interview, leading US based science writer and author of Selling the Fountain of Youth – which is for my money the definitive book on the Anti-Aging medicine business – Arlene Weintraub takes us on a revealing and engagingly fact-filled journey through the current vexatious state of the Anti-Aging industry. This is a rare opportunity to … Read More

The three essentials for great relationships

Here’s a recent audio interview with our resident expert Michael Myerscough of The Relationship Gym where we discussed the three areas he believes are essential to building, developing and sustaining a great relationship or marriage.