sleep better, grow younger

If you didn’t get it already from the title what I’m aiming to dig into here is the area of getting enough Z’s and why that might just help save your bacon (apologies to the vegetarians … but you get my drift!). This is possibly covering ground you may already be either very familiar with or perhaps you simply don’t … Read More

motivation 101: the rules of engagement

If there’s a question that just seems to come up time and again for me as a coach it’s one related to the often confusing and vexed area of what truly gets us up and at ‘em and makes change happen … and that’s a conversation which typically runs something like this, ‘So I know I need to … (here … Read More

a lost world

It’s been a little while since my last post and I wanted to make this first one of 2015 related very much to what I see as a defining quality, and for some perhaps it may even be the most defining quality, that our recently expired Xmas mega-experience seems to be all about. And no, sadly it’s not the baby … Read More