are bioidentical hormones safer?

In fact the real question here is ‘Is any hormone therapy truly safe?’ And it’s one being asked by the scientific community as I write but the nature of this piece is really to help you begin your own questioning process. To help look behind the antiaging industry’s marketing claims and hopefully understand with a little more clarity. And if you think this is only about women then think again guys. Hormone therapy is on offer for you too.

The former US soap star Suzanne Sommers has become something of a cheerleader for hormone therapy and specifically bioidenticals.  This short piece from ABC offers a balanced view on the many highly attractive claims made for these and other would be fountains of youth’. One of our previous contributors Arlene Weintraub has also researched this same ground with much the same conclusions: some poor science, discredited ‘experts’ and at times simple downright lies seem to be obfuscating the truth.

At the end of the day it’s going to be your own call on this. So would you prefer as Ms Sommers succinctly puts it herself  at the end of the interview …

‘a roll of the dice’.


Or would you rather simply be well informed?

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