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Here’s me, Rod


In many ways I’m just the guy. The one who’s gently but ever so surely aging. As I move on through my early 60’s I have truly begun to understand that our time here is way too short and extraordinary an opportunity to waste and consequently I have become increasingly fascinated and motivated to discover the ingredients for a happy, long and full life. I’ve done a whole bunch of things in life—everything from ballet dancer to businessman—but these days I work as a speaker, writer, teacher, mentor and coach helping people to find and create a life that is both meaningful and rewarding in every way. I’m fascinated by science, psychology and human potential and I guess I bring that and the fact that I am living the principles espoused here each and every day. I’m the guinea pig guys!

why did I create this?


I was inspired to develop the Grow Young Project because I thought there was a need for a free online resource dedicated to clear, unbiased fact, opinion and research on what might genuinely impact on the ability to slow down or even possibly turn back the clock.

We all know that despite the many extravagant claims of the anti-aging industry, no one's yet found any magical fountain of youth. That said what does appear to be true is that we can powerfully impact on multiple areas and  slow down the inevitable rate of physical and cognitive decline AND seemingly dramatically improve on our current state of inner and outer health. Kind of Grow Young at least for a good few years to come no matter where you are in the circle of life. My intention with the Grow Young Project is to show you what those fronts are without hyperbole, selling you crap and with clear guidance from world-leading experts.

The world of healthy aging is one heck of a confusing place, isn’t it? Everyone seems to have an opinion and yet have you also noticed how much of it seems to be totally conflicting? Take this, don’t take that! More worryingly once you dig deeper under some of that ‘helpful advice’ what you commonly find is someone trying to hawk you some gizmo, treatment, lotion, potion or pill that offers the hitherto undiscovered magic formula for winding back the years and turning you back into you teenage self. Don't we all wish!

I started The Grow Young Project because I saw how much BS is out there and I just wanted to know what really works. To do so I saw that I needed to understand enough of the science behind it all in order to pick my way through the marketing double-speak and get to the unadulterated truth. Plus I soon enough realized there were plenty more like me out there trying to do the same. This project is for for you. I have no ties or affiliations, no products to sell you and no bottles of snake oil cluttering up the backroom. What I do have is an interest in bringing you a clear and unbiased view of all the products, interventions, methods, studies, books and stories connected to the topic of healthy aging.

To do so I’ll be checking in with an ever growing panel of experts—leading doctors, scientists, therapists, writers, investigators and critical minds from all over the globe—to help offer you the clarity you deserve. If you feel so inclined then sign up for our free newsletter and receive a first peek at my (hopefully!) soon to be released book suitably titled … yep you guessed it—Grow Young.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more or just get in touch.

now meet some of the experts, inteviewees and consultants


Dr Mark Atkinson MBBS is an internationally renowned health and human potential development expert, a pioneer in the field of integral medicine, an expert in cancer care and both professional colleague as well as a very good buddy. Over the last 15 years he has received acclaim from his peers and the media for his transformative work. Mark explains ‘many illnesses and most psychological suffering are avoidable. They are the inevitable consequences of living in our head, mishandling our emotions, neglecting our physical, emotional and spiritual needs and being asleep to the innate wisdom that is always available to us when we are in alignment with the reality of the present moment.’ His books include The Mind-Body Bible, Holistic Health Secrets for Women and True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.


Dr Aaron Seitz is a groundbreaking neuroscientist, a professor at University of California Riverside and a world renowned expert in the field of Perceptual Learning. Alongside running a busy research lab he is a cofounder of the UCR Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Wellbeing. Aaron & his team focus much of their efforts towards developing unique research-driven brain training programs with an aim in his own words ‘to create something that had real world impact’ . The current crop include the cutting-edge vision improvement program UltimEyes®, the memory enhancement app Recall and they are currently seeking funding to develop a new program to help restore hearing loss. What sets Aaron’s work apart in my opinion is his dedication to good clear science coupled with what he call ‘a multifaceted approach’ meaning more that one mechanism or pathway is engaged. You can hear more about all of this in Aaron’s interview on the articles page.


Dr Charles Nduka MB BS MA(Oxon) FRCS FRCS(Plas) is one of the UK’s top plastic, cosmetic & reconstructive surgeons. As well as his NHS consultancy Charles also manages a very busy private practice yet still finds time to conduct cutting-edge research into ways of improving surgical techniques & outcomes. Charles is our go-to expert for all things related to cosmetic interventions and is clearly eminently well qualified to comment on what works and what is likely a waste of your hard earned cash. Charles’ highly ethical & supremely well qualified approach to the often poorly regulated world of of cosmetic procedures makes his comments even more valuable to we lay folk.


and some more ...


Professor John Wass is a world renowned medical expert & consultant physician whose resume contains amongst many other accolades too numerous for this short blurb: Academic Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians, Professor of Endocrinology and Oxford University,former President of the European Federation of Endocrine Societies, awarded the Distinguished Physician of the Year awarded by the American Endocrine Society and in 2014 presented the BBC documentary ‘The Fantastical World of Hormones’. So you could say John has a pretty accomplished view on the thorny area of hormones and health and for us in the Grow Young Project that means clarity with regard to that area and aging. You can hear John’s interview here.


Michael Myerscough is founder of The Relationship Gym and a leading writer, speaker, therapist and coach working with couples and singles the world over, helping them to create lasting relational happiness, passion and success. Michael is our ‘go to’ guy for all things relating to couples and equally with how to find, build and grow a healthy relationship even if you’re currently single. In Michael’s own words what inspires him is ‘the changes I see people make at the deepest levels within themselves … one day we uncover something really profound and their life changes forever.‘


Arlene Weintraub is a US based journalist and author writing about science, health care, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Her first book Selling the Fountain of Youth was a revealing expose of the anti-aging business. Arlene’s freelance pieces have been published in the New York Times, US News & World Report, More, New Scientist, USA Today, Entrepreneur.com, FierceMarkets and BusinessWeek. You can hear Arlene’s interview blog currently on the Articles page.


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