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mindfulness, aging & growing young

By on January 10, 2016

    Have a listen in to my most recent interview with Mike Miller from NPR where we talk about all areas of the program but we sure did focus a whole lot on how mindfulness and mindset can impact

chris crowley bringing wisdom from the front line

By on May 26, 2015

This week I’m absolutely delighted to bring you guys someone who has been the direct inspiration for my own  journey of self discovery that has since developed into this here Grow Young Project. Four years ago I was given a

prof ellen j langer on mindfulness, possibility and thinking yourself young

By on May 17, 2015

In todays podcast we get to meet a woman who has been producing some of the most cutting edge research in the fields of psychology, aging and mind-body interactions for over four decades now and is still to this day

professor john wass on hormones, aging & health

By on April 19, 2015

This week we bring you yet another fascinating podcast with leading endocrinologist Professor John Wass of Oxford University who offers us all some much needed clarity on the confusing area of hormones and healthy aging. I’ve posted a fair bit

professor aaron seitz on brain training to grow younger

By on February 10, 2015

Neuroscientist Professor Aaron Seitz of University of California Riverside discusses his unique multifaceted approach to helping us change our brains and bring lasting improvement to problematic areas such as sight, memory  and hearing loss – each of which will sure

Arlene Weintraub discusses The Antiaging Industry

By on September 18, 2014

In this succinct but fascinating interview, leading US based science writer and author of Selling the Fountain of Youth – which is for my money the definitive book on the Anti-Aging medicine business – Arlene Weintraub takes us on a

Which anti-aging creams work

By on September 12, 2014

If there’s an area of looking younger that we can quite literally pour money into it’s pretty surely that of lotions, potions, creams and all things slathery. According to BCC Research the global anti-aging industry is currently worth just under US$250

Dr Mark Atkinson on Emotional Health

By on September 4, 2014

Here’s a short but right to the point interview for you with renowned integrative medical doctor and cancer  recovery specialist Dr Mark Atkinson explaining why emotional health is vital to maintaining all round sparkling health and wellbeing. Find him at

The three essentials for great relationships

By on August 24, 2014

Here’s a recent audio interview with our resident expert Michael Myerscough of The Relationship Gym where we discussed the three areas he believes are essential to building, developing and sustaining a great relationship or marriage.