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mindfulness, aging & growing young

By on January 10, 2016

    Have a listen in to my most recent interview with Mike Miller from NPR where we talk about all areas of the program but we sure did focus a whole lot on how mindfulness and mindset can impact

setting the right exercise goals

By on January 2, 2016

Though I’m duty bound to say that ALL pillars of the Grow Young program are essential to long-term glowing health and well-being there are two that are undeniably foundational, which is also why these are the first two you’ll encounter

Healthy Aging, Mindful Living & Working With Thinking

By on December 2, 2015

And here’s the second part of my Mindful Living series for Yoga Magazine. Enjoy!

Mindful Living & Healthy Aging

By on November 9, 2015

My newest piece for Yoga Magazine. Enjoy!

is there a longevity gene?

By on September 4, 2015

Professor Nir Barzilai is the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research, the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging and the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Human Aging Research at Albert

why meaning matters

By on August 30, 2015

‘That you are here—that life exists, and identity; That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.’ Walt Whitman I was at a friends party last night. Lots of fascinating new people to meet. And amongst all

prof dale bredesen md: on reversing cognitive decline

By on July 30, 2015

Today I am truly delighted to be bringing you my current research hero. Dale Bredesen MD is an internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He is founding president and current CEO of the world

thinking yourself younger: the uncanny power of belief

By on July 12, 2015

In the fall of 1981 a young Harvard researcher conducted a radical experiment, one which has since become something a landmark in the domain of the extraordinary and transformative power of mind over matter. Ellen J Langer (these days Professor

mindful living: a template for engaged conscious aging

By on June 27, 2015

‘What helps with aging is serious cognition – thinking and understanding. You have to truly grasp that everybody ages. Everybody dies. There is no turning back the clock. So the question in life becomes: What are you going to do

chris crowley bringing wisdom from the front line

By on May 26, 2015

This week I’m absolutely delighted to bring you guys someone who has been the direct inspiration for my own  journey of self discovery that has since developed into this here Grow Young Project. Four years ago I was given a