The Grow Young Project is a free online resource for clear, unbiased fact, opinion and reviews of all things related to winding back the clock.

Clearly no one’s yet found the fountain of youth despite the many extravagant claims of the anti-aging industry. But what does appear to be possible is that we can interact on multiple fronts and  slow down that rate of decline and even dramatically improve on our current state of inner and outer health … kind of Grow Young at least for a good few years to come. Along with some fascinating experts, right here we’re aiming to help show you what those fronts are.

The world of healthy aging is one heck of a confusing place, isn’t it? Everyone seems to have an opinion and yet have you also noticed how much of it seems to be totally conflicting? Take this, don’t take that! More worryingly once you dig deeper under some of that ‘helpful advice’ what you commonly find is someone trying to hawk you some gizmo, treatment, lotion, potion or pill that offers the hitherto undiscovered magic formula for winding back the years.

I started The Grow Young Project because I wanted to know what really works and to understand the science behind why, and I soon enough realised there were plenty more like me out there trying to pick our way through the marketing double-speak and get to the unadulterated truth. This project is for for you. I have no ties or affiliations, no products to sell you and no bottles of snake oil cluttering up the backroom. What I do have is an interest in bringing you a clear and unbiased view of all the products, interventions, methods, studies, books and stories connected to the topic of healthy aging.

To do so I’ll be checking in with an ever growing panel of experts – leading doctors, scientists, therapists, writers, investigators and critical minds from all over the globe – to help offer you the clarity you deserve. If you feel so inclined then sign up for our free newsletter and receive reduced rates on the upcoming live seminars as well as the first peek  at my soon to be released book suitably titled … yep you guessed it – Grow Young.

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mindfulness, aging & growing young

By on January 10, 2016



Have a listen in to my most recent interview with Mike Miller from NPR where we talk about all areas of the program but we sure did focus a whole lot on how mindfulness and mindset can impact positively on the process of aging.


setting the right exercise goals

By on January 2, 2016

Though I’m duty bound to say that ALL pillars of the Grow Young program are essential to long-term glowing health and well-being there are two that are undeniably foundational, which is also why these are the first two you’ll encounter

Healthy Aging, Mindful Living & Working With Thinking

By on December 2, 2015

And here’s the second part of my Mindful Living series for Yoga Magazine. Enjoy!

Mindful Living & Healthy Aging

By on November 9, 2015

My newest piece for Yoga Magazine. Enjoy!

is there a longevity gene?

By on September 4, 2015

Professor Nir Barzilai is the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research, the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging and the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Human Aging Research at Albert